Owner of Afritwitter,Blackhippychick permanently suspended from Twitter

I was permanently suspended from Twitter and actually I don’t care. My grandmother gave me a plaque that said small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events and great minds talk about ideas. The trending content about certain non acting, non entertaining celebrities on twitter is abhorrent. Twitter is a dark place to me that can not lead most people in a life affirming direction.

Now let’s discuss my suspension from Twitter. I was suspended for criticizing jay-z and using the N word in relation to him which is ironic considering how often he uses the word bitch and nigger. This is just an illustration of the arbiters of societies attempt to control society. The bonafide crack dealers and pimps are good and can do virtually anything they want while the rest of us walk around shaking in fear we will offend a pimp a murderer, a prostitute, or a murderers. I said bad things about Jayz selling out and I stand by every word.

I do not know if I will continue with this domain but I have a general statement for what is happening in the United States and I am urging everyone who is reading this to consider expatriating to a different country. The exploitation of young people by powerful men and women in this country is disturbing. The Geoffrey Epstein situation is disturbing and some of our hip hop artists coming on to kids as young as nine is awful. Yet the mainstream social media keeps on lifting these people up and the NFL moves were totally shocking disingenuous and racists as they held a press conference stating jayz a former crack dealer and pimp would be the new face of the nfl and in charge of social initiatives. Did Jayz not make this song?

Nigga it’s the big Southern rap impresario
Comin’ straight up out the black barrio
Makes a mill’ up off a sorry hoe
Then sit back and peep my scenario

Big Pimpin Jay z

This is what the NFL put over hundreds of college educated black men who have been taught in major universities that they must respect women and have seen their colleagues who don’t suspended or even jailed for not. There is a reason there is a recruiting process for players that goes from college to the nfl. No one wants to see thugs with money who are not capable of being empathetic caring human beings. You may still get them but that is not the intention. Roger Goodell who should be fired literally made a crack dealing pimp the face of the black nfl. He made a crack dealing pimp the face of police brutality. Emmatic Bradford Jr. was not a crack dealer or a pimp. He was a man shot by Alabama police trying to save people from a mass shooter. Botham John was a college educated black man who worked for pricewaterhousecoopers in his home, shot by a police officer who thought her apartment was his. Tamar Rice was a twelve year old shot for having a toy gun. These individuals and more are the face of police shootings. The action of putting a pimp and former drug dealer over college educated good men who are athletes because they work grueling schedules and follow the American dream is sickening. I believe in rehabilitation but jayz has made himself the face of a legal cannibas business after saying he knew the ugly effects of drugs on a community. After the events surrounding Geoffrey Epstein I do believe Jayz is still a pimp and I think he’s selling flesh to NFL owners. I do believe this, I do.

However, this really was not supposed to be my main topic. My main topic was at this point, you have to ignore the vice being spread in the United States and survive. Marijuana is legal or authorities are looking the other way, understand that it can be debilitating and addictive and choose not to. Cardib a former stripper is heralded as a hero and even interviewed by Bernie Sanders. Understand that stripping and prostitution leads to a lot of bad outcomes psychologically and presents challenges to physical safety. Ultimately aim to get some sort of education that leads to a stable lifestyle. If you want to be rich play the stock market invest or start a money making business but folks you should graduate from high school and college and plan to be all that you can be without hurting others. Be strong and please tune out these social messages of be a bad person, do bad things because it will only hurt you. My people be strong and stay strong. Life is a spiritual battle. Live in the Spirit.